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19. A Flower Of The South

Somewhat faded, she nevertheless bloomed afresh. She still had her husband, her home, and a chance to help start A.A. in Texas.       I KNOW THAT if I do daily what I have done for these last thirteen and a half years, I will stay sober. I didn’t know that when I came into A.A. I

18. The Professor And The Paradox

Says he, “We A.A.’s surrender to win; we give away  to keep; we suffer to get well, and we die to live.”       I am in the public information business. I use that phrase or designation because if I say I am a college professor everybody always has a tendency to run the other way. And

17. Fear Of Fear

This lady was cautious. She decided she wouldn’t let herself go in her drinking. And she would never, never take that morning drink!       I DIDN’T THINK I was an alcoholic. I thought my problem was that I had been married to a drunk for twenty-seven years. And when my husband found A.A., I came to

16. Rum, Radio And Rebellion

This man faced the last ditch when his wife’s voice from 1300 miles away sent him to A.A. “YOU AN ALCOHOLIC! I don’t believe it.”  “Sure, I’ve seen you tight several times, but you’re no alcoholic!”  “You kidding—you an alcoholic?”  Many times have I heard the above expressions since I have been in A.A., and

15. They Stopped In Time

THEY STOPPED IN TIME       We think that about one-half of today’s incoming A.A. members were never advanced cases of alcoholism; though, given time, all might have been. Most of these fortunate ones have had little or no acquaintance with delirium, with hospitals, asylums, and jails. Some were drinking heavily and there had been occasional serious

14. The Keys Of The Kingdom

This worldly lady helped to develop A.A. in Chicago and thus passed her keys to many.       A LITTLE MORE than fifteen years ago, through a long and calamitous series of shattering experiences, I found myself being helplessly propelled toward total destruction. I was without power to change the course my life had taken. How I

13. Home Brewmeister

An originator of Cleveland’s Group No. 3, this one fought Prohibition in vain.       STRANGELY ENOUGH, I became aquainted with the “hilarious life” just at the time in my own life when I was beginning really to settle down to a common-sense, sane domesticity. My wife became pregnant and the doctor recommended the use of port

12. He Sold Himself Short

But he found that there was a Higher Power which had more faith in him than he had in himself. Thus, A.A. was born in Chicago.       I GREW up in a small town outside Akron, Ohio, where the life was typical of any average small town. I was very much interested in athletics, and because

11. The Man Who Mastered Fear

He spent eighteen years in running away; and then found he didn’t have to run. So he started A.A. in Detroit.       FOR EIGHTEEN YEARS, from the age of twenty-one to thirty-nine, fear governed my life. By the time I was thirty I had found that alcohol dissolved fear. For a little while. In the end

10. From Farm To City

She tells how A.A. works when the going is rough. A pioneer woman member of A.A.’s first Group.       I COME FROM a very poor family in material things, with a fine Christian mother, but with no religious background. I was the oldest in a family of seven, and my father was an alcoholic. I was