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Here's To New Beginnings - 2021


The Year So Far

The challenges of 2020 were far and beyond than most of us would have ever imagined. The fellowship had no choice but to adapt to an ever-changing backdrop. Nevertheless, we will always remain grateful to those who came up with innovative ideas for hosting online meetings. I’m sure that the Xoom app deserves big applause from many communities around the world.

We received overwhelming feedback from our users to do something about meeting closure, the fact that sponsees were unable to meet up with their sponsors and newcomers not being able to go to meetings where they could get in touch with their peers and form new bonds with others who were already treading the 12 steps.

In March 2020, we launched the online sponsorship feature in our android app and this was extended to the Apple app by the summer. We hope that our users have enjoyed using our apps and have benefited by staying sober and keeping in touch with their online sponsors. 

31st December – Tips To Stay Sober 

Let’s not forget that many members find it difficult to maintain their sobriety on this crucial day of 31st December. Let’s take a moment to pray for them and hope that they can come through. Here are some tips and thoughts for us folks to keep sober, JUST FOR TODAY

  • Remember, one drink is too many, a thousand aren’t enough
  • The first drink does the damage
  • The company you keep, that you become. This is especially true in our early days
  • You haven’t come this far to go back again
  • What we do today will define what will happen to us tomorrow

If you get an obsession to drink, try the following

  • Say the serenity prayer out loud until the desire to drink passes away
  • Make a phone call to your sponsor, a friend, or a family member
  • Have a glass of water
  • Go for a walk, if you have a pet, even better to take them
  • Count back from 100 to 1
  • Get to a meeting if one is open near you and talk about the desire
  • Meditate for 10 minutes keeping your attention just on the incoming breath and outgoing breath.
  • Go for a run or do a workout at home or at your gym

No matter what, just remind yourself that the program works one day at a time and that one drink isn’t going to make things any better. If at all, we have always found ourselves in another rut every time we have tried it.

Good luck
12 Step Toolkit Team
December 31st, 2020